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Current Projects:  I believe in collaborative & interdisciplinary research to maximize innovation & policy impacts. Below are some examples of current projects with ongoing data collection; Please contact me for more information.

I maintain a Global Tracker of studies on Violence Against Women and Children during COVID-19 (with Megan O'Donnell at the Center for Global Development) with 350+ studies included.


Cash Transfer & Intimate Partner Violence Research Collaborative  [co-led with Shalini Roy & hosted by IFPRI]
The collaborative is a group of inter-disciplinary researchers advancing the research agenda and evidence-to-policy linkages between cash transfers and IPV in LMICs. This project includes a qualitative follow-up to the Government of Ghana's LEAP 1000 cash transfer program to better understand decreases in IPV found in the quantitative impact evaluation [with the Transfer Project, including Clare Barrington, Tia Palermo, Ray Aboringo & Akalpa Akaligaung]. Qualitative fieldwork undertaken October & November of 2019.


Evaluation of C'est la Vie! Edutainment on Gender-based Violence in Senegal  [with Melissa Hidrobo, Agnes le Port, Malick Dione & Moustapha Seye]


Edutainment is a promising way of shifting behaviors & social norms at scale - our mixed-method evaluation aims to unpack how the popular West African C'est la Vie! series produced by RAES affects gender-based violence & sexual/reproductive health for young women in the Koalack & Kolda regions. Baseline data for the RCT was collected in October - December of 2019. Watch the series here, check out the AEA trial registry for more information on the trial. [ © Malick Dione]  


Evaluation of Mozambique's Cash & Care Child Grant program [with David Seidenfeld, Juan Bonilla,  Zlata Brukauf & Maja Gavrilovic]

The Government of Mozambique launched a new cash-plus program in the northern region of Nampula consisting of cash transfers to mothers of children 0-2 years, nutrition behavior change communication and integrated case management for the most vulnerable families. AIR, UNICEF Innocenti & ELIM Servicios are evaluating the program, including measures of women's wellbeing, child protection and intra-household exposure to violence. Quantitative baseline data were collected in March - April of 2019 [© Zlata Brukauf]


NetGirls Zambia

[Non-research activities, with the Impact Network]

I co-founded a Netball  league for young women & girls in rural Katete district in eastern Zambia with David Seidenfeld in 2013. I continue to support the league scale-up (on a voluntary basis), now in its 5th year & affiliated with the e-learning NGO the Impact Network managed by Elida Banda. We provide low cost opportunities for play to young women & girls, as well as cool projects like reusable menstrual pad workshops & financial literacy. Believer in the power of sport!  [© Kristyn Ulanday]

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