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Evidence for change

My research provides methodological and policy-relevant evidence linking gender and development in resource-poor settings. For example: How are poverty and experience of violence against women linked, and what potential do economic programs have in mitigating risk? How can methodological improvements help capture gendered-measurement of agency, decision-making and empowerment? In seeking to answer these questions, I have collected large-scale data in over a dozen countries and published over 70 journal articles. I believe in simple analysis to shine a light on complex problems, and aim to continually reevaluate how to use evidence for social progress.

Photo: © 2011 Amber Peterman 
Women's life histories in West Bengal, India depicting  wellbeing trajectories as part of a mixed-method impact evaluation of the Government women's joint land titling with IFPRI & Landesa. 


Contact: amberpeterman [at]

Follow me on twitter: @a_peterman

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